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Current and completed reviews

​​​​​Completed reviews

Review titleDate publicly releasedFile type
Horse importation biosecurity risk management19 September 2018 Word [653 KB, 29 pages]
PDF [1.0 MB, 36 pages]
Military biosecurity risk management in Australia27 July 2018 Word [2.0 MB, 39 pages]
PDF [1.5 MB, 45 pages]
Hitchhiker pest and contaminant biosecurity risk management in Australia13 July 2018 Word [5.7 MB, 75 pages]
PDF [3.8 MB, 88 pages]
Uncooked prawn imports: effectiveness of biosecurity controls12 December 2017 HTML
Review of Department of Agriculture and Water Resources management of biosecurity risks posed by invasive vector mosquitoes11 May 2017 PDF [3.2 MB, 70 pages]


Current reviews

Review titleStatusSubmissions
A review of the biosecurity risk management lessons that can be drawn from an analysis of recent (up to 10 years’) terrestrial pest and disease incursions, border breaches and high-risk interceptions into Australia In progressClosed
A review of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ biosecurity risk management processes that address high-risk environmental biosecurity concernsIn progress Open
A review of the implementation of previous Interim Inspector-General of Biosecurity review recommendations In progressNot called
A review of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ recognition of pre-border certification (including the role of overseas competent authorities) as a biosecurity risk mitigation measureIn progressNot called
An assessment of the effectiveness of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ system of Approved Arrangements under the Biosecurity Act 2015In progressNot called