Completed annual reports

Completed annual reports

The Interim Inspector-General of Biosecurity has released the following annual reports which give an overview of the key achievements and audit activities each financial year.

Title Date publicly released PDF DOC
Annual Report 2015–16 6 May 2016 PDF  [284 KB] Word  [312 KB]
Annual Report 2014–15 6 August 2015 PDF  [118 KB] Word  [78 KB]
Annual Report 2013–14 11 August 2014 PDF  [360 KB] Word  [152 KB]
Annual Report 2012–13 5 August 2013 PDF  [103 KB] Word  [112 KB]
Annual Report 2011–12 29 October 2012 PDF  [83 KB] N/A
Annual Report 2010–11 22 August 2011 PDF  [241KB] N/A
Annual Report 2009–10 22 July 2011 PDF  [245 KB] N/A

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