Review program

Review program

As required by the Biosecurity Act 2015, the Inspector-General consulted with the Director of Biosecurity and the Minister of Agriculture in the development of the review program. The Inspector-General also consulted with other biosecurity stakeholders internal and external to the department.

The Inspector-General selected the review topics with the assumption that the topics and scope may be modified as consultation proceeds and changes in the biosecurity operating environment necessitate additional or alternative reviews.

Review program 2022-25

Topic Scope
Strategic management of the department’s biosecurity science resource This review will assess the effectiveness of the department’s strategic management of its biosecurity science resource to achieve its purpose, objectives and priorities in the national biosecurity system.
Maturity of the department’s biosecurity regulatory system This review will assess the progress of the department’s strategies to improve its biosecurity regulatory maturity. A reporting framework will be developed to allow repeated assessments to monitor progress.
Environmental biosecurity - management and policy implementation This review will examine the department’s effectiveness in addressing high-risk environmental biosecurity concerns and the effectiveness of the department’s implementation of the Chief Environmental Biosecurity Office.
Import Risk Analysis This review will examine the management and application of the biosecurity import risk analysis process.
Appropriateness of the department’s arrangements for stakeholder engagement in the national biosecurity system This review will consider the appropriateness of the department’s arrangements, practices and platforms to effectively engage with stakeholders in the national biosecurity system.
Preparing for incident management and response - exercising and simulations This review will assess the department’s preparedness for biosecurity emergency responses including exercise planning, implementation and evaluation and the effectiveness of the department’s incident management and response systems.
Implementation of Inspector-General of Biosecurity recommendations This review will assess the effectiveness of the department’s management and implementation of previous IGB recommendations.



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